Programming in Scala, 3rd Edition

官网链接:artima press


This book is the authoritative tutorial on the Scala programming language, co-written by the language’s designer, Martin Odersky. This third edition has been updated to cover new features up to and including Scala version 2.12, such as:

  • String interpolation
  • Futures and concurrency, including new methods added in 2.12 and asynchronous testing with Futures in ScalaTest 3.0
  • Wildcard types
  • New recommendations for writing hashCode
  • The close integration of Scala 2.12 and Java 8, most significantly the new ability to use function literals to express instances of SAM types
  • The latest recommendations for Scala coding style
  • Implicit classes
  • Creating your own AnyVals
  • The context bounds syntax for type classes


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