Hacking Electronics, 2nd Edition

Hacking Electronics, Second Edition


Up-to-date hacks that will breathe life into your Arduino and Raspberry Pi creations!

This intuitive DIY guide shows how to wire, disassemble, tweak, and re-purpose household devices and integrate them with your Raspberry Pi and Arduino inventions. Packed with full-color illustrations, photos, and diagrams, Hacking Electronics: Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, Second Edition, features fun, easy-to-follow projects. You’ll discover how to build an Internet-controlled hacked electric toy, ultrasonic rangefinder, remote-controlled robotic rover, audio amp, slot car brakes and headlights―even a smart card reader!

  • Get up and running on both Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Safely solder, join wires, and connect switches
  • Identify components and read schematic diagrams
  • Work with LEDs, including high-power Lumileds and addressable LED strips
  • Use LiPo batteries, solar panels, and buck-boost power supplies
  • Use sensors to measure light, temperature, acceleration, sound level, and color
  • Build and modify audio amps, microphones, and transmitters
  • Repair gadgets and scavenge useful parts from dead equipment
  • Get the most out of cheap or free bench and software tools


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