Fullstack React



What will I learn?

  • A basic and advanced understanding of React components
  • An advanced, in-depth knowledge of how React works
  • How to interact with backend servers using APIs
  • A complete understanding of using Redux
  • How to build, validate, and populate interactive forms
  • How to use inline styles for perfect looking components
  • How to test React components
  • How to build and use isomorphic components
  • How to get control of your build process
  • A deep understanding of data-driven modeling with props and state
  • A deep understanding of Flux
  • How to use client-side routing for pages in your apps
  • How to write advanced components like auto-complete search, drag ‘n drop, and infinite scroll
  • How to interact with REST, GraphQL, and Relay
  • Introductory knowledge of React Native
  • And much, much more

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